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About Us

Solfeh is a FinTech micro-lending platform, providing same-day emergency cash advancements to salaried employees.
Solfeh is a technology-oriented platform where everyone within its network is able to access its emergency cash services. All this is based on a systematic approach that responds to its specific clients, lending methodologies, operating environments, and financial and social performance objectives.

Our Mission

Solfeh understands the need of employees for cash in emergency situations. However, unfortunately, not every organization can do this. This is where Solfeh makes the difference! Solfeh aims to provide every employee with access to emergency cash because it is their right.

Our Vision

We want to reach the unprivileged low-income organizations with financial and business solutions in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner through the efficient use of capital, technology, and human resources.

Meet Our Awesome Team

Fahed Qteishat

Head of Growth & Marketing

Ali Tabbalat


Shahed Abu Lafi

Head of Operations

Saif Dirbashi

Head Of Finance

Ahmad Al Ramadneh

Head Of Public Relations

Hala Tillawi

Head Of Human Resources

Qusay Jaloudi

Credit Supervisor

Raghad Arafeh

Software Engineer

Bader Abdullah


Dareen Awadallah


Batool Abu Eid

Operations Officer

Juliana Haddad

Operations Officer

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