Employers FAQs En الأرشيف - Solfeh | سُلفة

What is Solfeh?

Solfeh is a FinTech emergency loan platform, providing same-day emergency cash advancements to salaried employees within 24 hours to help them address any emergencies they may face in their daily lives. Employees may need cash in emergency situations related to health, education, or other pressing obligations. Solfeh offers amounts between JOD 200-1,000 with flexible repayment periods.

As an employer, what is my benefitsin partnering with Solfeh?

The service offered by Solfeh helps lighten the burden of financial obligations, increases employees’ ability to face any emergencies and reduces the high pressure faced by employees in their lives. According to the latest statistics, employees under high pressure are less productive than others at work. Therefore, partnering with Solfeh will show your employees that you care about their well-being, which will lead to an increase in the productivity and efficiency in your workforce. To partner with Solfeh, apply using this link Employer Network

Is the murabaha rate applied to loans high?

Solfeh’s first and foremost concern is to help employees with their finances. For this reason, Solfeh is keen on maintaining the applied murabaha rate very low to avoid increasing employees’ financial strain. Therefore, the murabaha rate applied by the company is considered very competitive in the market and it is naturally less than the interest accrued for using credit cards.

What is the policy for employees who leave their jobs before full repayment?

In this case, we ask the employer to inform Solfeh before terminating the employee’s services to allow Solfeh to contact the employee and find a certain repayment mechanism. In all cases, the employer shall not be held financially or legally accountable regardless of the reason of departure, be it due to retirement, termination of services or relocation.